Online Life Lesson’s

IVM : The Way of Sean Buranahiran

Online Life Lesson’s บทเรียนชีวิต Online

A synthesis of everything Sean Buranahiran has learned and applied in his life.

In this he shares his thoughts, techniques and personal experiences.

Ready to be passed on to the next generation.

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Easy to understand and can adapt in daily life,

There is English version with Thai subtitle.

There are 4 main chapters ( Total 33 videos with 243 minutes 34 seconds ) as follow;

1. Mastery 

   – How to a master a skill.

   – The higher you go the more humble you must become.

2. Mission 

    How to set life’s purpose and make a living from it.

3. Mindfulness

    Make peace inside and out.. then you will hear what is in your heart.

4. Manners

    Having good manners will take you where money can’t.

IVM 2 Promo Pic w Sean

This course is appropriated for :

   – Teachers, Parents and Leaders who would like to adapt and pass on to the next generation.

   – People who love Self-improvement and are interested in the way of Sean Buranahiran.

   – People who like to improve Language skill and Thoughts at the same time.

For more information and register,
please contact Facebook’s Inbox : Sean Buranahiran.